"I've always been a photographer at heart."


Rachel Robertson


Born and Raised:



Current Location:

Oahu, Hawaii



Photographer, Wine Drinker, Adventurer, Problem Solver


First wedding:

Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2002


Marital Status:

One adorable Husband, Alika



One Girl, One Boy


Favorite part of a wedding:

Bride and groom portraits


Favorite word:

Muffin (my nickname for adorable kids, friends and my husband)


Secret Talent:

Remodeling and design


Favorite trip:



States I have lived in:

Montana, Washington, New Mexico, and Hawaii



Hiking, surfing, stand up paddling, anything crafty, wine drinking and remodeling

(not necessarily at the same time)

Tying the Knot

I love weddings and I love to photograph LOVE! I got married to my amazing husband Alika, this past year. I adore being married. Our wedding was a perfect day, filled with love from all of our closest family and friends. In the process of getting married, I realized that the best part about any wedding is getting to share your life with your favorite person. Alika is hysterically funny, very adventurous, and of coarse, adorable.

Personal Project

My senior thesis in college turned out to be the start to my life long photo project. I started documenting my family, mostly on our farm in Montana. I wanted to have a personal project that I could always continue, if I needed a little injection of inspiration. Throughout this project I have come to realize that all families have a unique dynamic, but also underlying events that bring them all together. Being able to document these events has been an incredible privilege and I am so grateful that my family allows me this access.


Everyone says it, but in this case it is one of my absolute favorite things. I love to travel and explore. I am so lucky to have a job that allows me to see the world and take as much vacation as I can handle.  Some of my favorite places are Peru, Italy, Greece and New Zealand. I try to go on at least one international trip per year. There are very few places that are not on my travel bucket list.


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